Preserving the Past for Future Generations



Jackson Blacksmith Shop




 Heritage Photograph Exhibit 


  in the Extension Building of the Jackson Blacksmith Shop


  Featuring hundreds of Historic photographs of local  






Military  Personnel 




And More



Help to make this exhibit even better by adding your old photograph to the collection.  Allow us to copy your photograph of a person, place or thing connected to Goochland County that’s 50 or more years old so that it can be a part of this exhibit.  Please call to make arrangements to have a copy of your special photograph included.  Your original photo never needs to leave your home. 






    Tours of the Jackson Blacksmith Shop


Admission is FREE 


Phone: (804) 556-4309 

e-mail: jmabry1219@comcast.net





2558 Blacksmith Shop Road

Goochland, VA 23063